Kim Gillis

Owner of Kimba's Kids


With Kimba's Kids since



Main tasks

Administration, Teaching



Making sure that myself and my staff are up to date on all the latest educational tools to help your child develope and grow



Providing an environment to make the experience of Daycare/Preschool a wonderful one for both you and your child


MeLinda Silva

Center Director


MeLinda is the director at Kimba's Kids and also enjoys teaching the Older Pre-K and after school kids


 Mary, MaKayla, Mackenzie, Jessica, Holly and Abby


Position: All qualified, caring, loving teachers for all ages


Mackenzie, Holly and Makayla: focuse on the Infants up to 17month of age as well as working with each group of Parents to grow a comfortable bond with our families.


Mary: is the toddler teacher with the pactients of a saint. She has the joy of teaching this group about writing with crayons instead of eating them, listening to stories instead of tearing the pages and the amazing task of potty trining. This is a challenging group that she welcomes with open arms daily. 


Abby and Jessica: enjoy teaching the Pre K to be sure their group are all more than ready for Kindergarten.